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Is a text based game for iOS, Android and Nook Color that puts the player in the middle of a zombie outbreak and asks "what would you do?" Awarded "Game of the Week" by Ansca Mobile, as of August 2012, ZDAY Survival Simulator has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its release, and continues to be well received by a worldwide audience.

Survivor Z( release date announced! )

Mongadillo CEO Ed Anderson announced that the sequel to the text based adventure game ZDAY Survival Simulator "Survivor Z" will be released on February 9th, 2013. The release is planned to coincide with the mid-season premeire of the third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead", scheduled for February 10th, 2013.

Support Forums

Write your OWN zombie challenge! Check out our brand spanking new forums with an interactive fiction writer built right in!!

Latest News

  • Survivor Z to unveil special new challenge by Joe Keatinge July 17 in San Diego
  • Mongadillo Studios unveils new player forums and interactive fiction writer for Survivor Z!
  • Survivor Z release date announced for 02/09
  • Survivor Z release delayed, scheduled for 01/13
  • Kickstarter Project started for Survivor Z
  • Release date for ZDAY Survivor pushed back again
  • iPad 3 bug is being addressed in upcoming 2.5.1
  • ZDAY Survival Simulator Update includes fix for Samsung Devices
  • Survivor Z set for September release
  • ZDAY Survival Simulator hits 100K downloads
  • Chinese language version of ZDAY Survival Simulator coming soon.
  • Why are there two versions of ZDAY?

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ZDAY Survival Simulator

ZDay Survival Simulator Logo

What better way to survive a full blown apocalypse than to PRACTICE?

This is not a traditional shooter or an arcade style game where you poke buttons to shoot digital bullets at virtual zombies.

ZDAY is a 21st century text-based Simulator that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations and says "what would YOU do?".

4 Star Reviews
  • Brad Nicholson, Toucharcade
  • Jennifer Allen, 148
  • Dan Zuccarelli,
Apple AppStore


"ZDAY is a 21st century text-based Simulator game that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations. The game play is easy and you can soon control it well."

"For those of a certain age who loved adventure game books, it’s the perfect app to play and one that players will find themselves returning to. Not least because they’ll have to be pretty skilled to ‘win’!"

Jennifer Allen, 148

"At its core, it’s weird to describe a game with music and graphics as a “text adventure” – but that’s really what it is. The graphics and music (while excellent) are really only there for theme and flavor, something to punch up the storytelling. They add absolutely nothing gameplay wise, which, if you’re a fan of classic text adventures, is a good thing."

Dan Zuccarelli,

"I've been having a blast with this since it's essentially gameifies what runs through my head whenever I read or watch a piece of zombie content, but it's also solid production-wise. I heartily recommend this to anyone that still has an itch for zombies, or even an appreciation of primarily text-based titles."

Brad Nicholson, Toucharcade

Screen Shots

ZDay Screen 1 ZDay Screen 2 ZDay Screen 3

Survivor Z

Survivor Z Logo

"It's been 311 days since you locked the doors on your bunker, your food and water supplies are running low, it's time to go topside..."

Face the post zombie apocalypse world with Survivor Z, a location based strategy game that ties fictionalized content to real world locations that challenge your ability to survive and adapt. Every where you go you will find new challenges; when to fight and when to run, how to detect and avoid the undead, and how to get what you need to survive. You'll have to be smart, strong, and a little bit lucky if you are going to survive ZDAY.

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Screen Shots

Survivor Z Screen 1 Survivor Z Screen 2


Ed Anderson - CEO, Mongadillo Studios

A traditionally trained animator and cartoonist, Ed Anderson founded Mongadillo Studios 1999.

Credits: Created animated web series "Shawks", "Holiday Force", and "The Bottle", among others.

Current Projects: In Development with Disney XD on TV Series based on "Shawks", Developing and producing iPhone games.

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